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East Kent RSC vs Cygnets MBC

Interclub DF95 Sailing Competition 2019

Interclub Trophy East Kent x 2.jpg

East Kent RSC win the two round Interclub DF95 Sailing competition against Cygnets MBC for a second consecutive year.

Round 1 @ East Kent RSC

Conningbrook Lakes Country Park

Ashford, Kent

Sunday 7 April 2019

Trophy Presentation 2019 - Web.jpg

Interclub Trophy being presented to East Kent RSC Chairman Alan Hounsell by Cygnets Sail Lead John Bowen

Round 2 @ Cygnets MBC

Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent

Sunday 1 September 2019

Interclub 2019 - Final Scoreboard.jpg

The Final Results Board

Round 2 Interclub Teams and Officials -

East Kent RSC & Cygnets MBC Interclub Teams and Race Officials at Mote Park

The first round of this competition was held at East Kent RSC home water at Conningbrook Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Kent. The weather proved very fickle with some light rain in the morning and a Northerly wind that ranged from 0 to 12 mph giving the skippers a challenge to get around the course most of the time. Cygnets built up a 4 race lead at the beginning of the 10 race competition, but East Kent RSC made a strong comeback in the second half achieving a 1 race lead by the end of the event winning 6 races to 5.

The second round of the competition was held at Cygnets MBC home water, Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent. The weather was kind to us with sunshine and a North Westerly wind ranging from 7 to 12 mph. There were the normal Mote Park "holes" in the wind, to make it interesting around the windward mark where many place changes occurred on the two lap course. All 10 races where completed in 4 hours, with a comfort and lunch break.

Individual races were close, with Cygnets winning the first race taking back the East Kent one race lead from round 1. East Kent then took back the lead winning the next 6 races, before Cygnets managed to score their next win. By this time East Kent had an unbeatable 5 race lead! Each club then won one more race each to finish the twenty race competition leaving East Kent with their 5 race lead.

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