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Barton's Point DF Travellers Trophy (TT) Series 13 & 14.  DF65 15th October & DF95 16th October 2022 

DF65 TT Series 13



DF95 TT Series 14



East Kent Radio Sailing Club 

Saturday 15 October - DF 65 Round 13

Sunday 16 October - DF 95 Round 14 

This is a series of radio sailing events for both DragonForce 65 (DF65) & DragonFlite 95 (DF95) yachts.


The DF TT events are held at various radio sailing clubs across the country, throughout the year, and include both DF65 & DF95 National Championship weekends.

Standard format for a DF TT weekend is DF65's race on the Saturday with DF95's on the Sunday.

Competitors can enter either individual events on a TT weekend for one type of DF or both if they have DF65 & DF95 yachts. There is no obligation to sail the TT Series as each individual day's racing is scored independently and prizes awarded for each.

Notice of Race
Saturday 15 October - DF 65 Round 13 - NOR
Sunday 16 October - DF 95 Round 14 - NOR

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