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Lessons learned / advice

This page is dedicated to providing advice / guidance to all of our members. The articles published are based on lessons learned and experiments on set up etc.

We hope this is useful and will add future articles as they become available.  

After sailing in salt water

Good advice from Dave Adams: 

I always bring my boat home with hatch cover still on as I've sailed..wash thoroughly with rig used with hose pipe. Leave to drip dry in garden. Dry , open hatch cover removing battery. Hang rig on door slacken kicker and ALWAYS drop corrosion X on bearing . Leave for about a day. Hang upside down and drop corrosion X on other bearing. Careful to wipe excess off bearings before putting back in rig bag/box. Occasionally I spray inside boat and around moving parts with silicone spray. Lubrication and water repellent. My boats dry (mostly) but ALWAYS check there's no water inside before laying on its side between races.  

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